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ODI O Grips Flangeless Black

Brand: ODI


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Brand: ODI

•  Multi-Direction Rib Pattern with integrated Waffle Provides Comfort and Control.
•  The new O grip combines the soft feel and excellent shock absorption of a collapsible rib pattern with the exceptional traction of a waffle pattern.
•  Features numerous O's which are inserted with multi-directional rib patterns that provide excellent traction throughout the grip surface. The larger waffle pattern created by the outline of the O's offer additional support and control similar to a waffle pattern.
•  Constructed of ODI's proprietary TPR compound which has been specially designed to provide exceptional comfort without sacrificing durability. The net result is a grip that both feels great and rides great.
•  Larger outer ribs provide traction and control.
•  Small ribs inside the O's offer exceptional shock absorption

Style: Single-Ply
Length: 130mm
Weight: 64g (pair)
Flange: None
Material: TPR
Color(s): Black
End Plugs: ODI Thug Plugs Included