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ODI Stay Strong Lock-On Grips Black/Gold

Brand: ODI


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Brand: ODI

• Riverside CA, more than a decade ago, the premium british import was a rising BMX racer named Stephen Murray. The lion hearted racer had already earned six UK national championships by the age of 16. In the states he took dirt jumping and freestyle becoming a three-time back to back X-games and Gravity games gold medalist. Then in June of 2007, a double backflip ended with a crushed and shattered vertabrae. Stephen was paralyzed from the shoulders down.
• ODI is now honouring Stephen with a special edition of the ruffian lock-on BMX grip. Subtle etched logo's brand the yellow and black collars.  By purchasing this product you are helping to support Stephen and his family on their road to recovery and you are showing love to a fallen soldier and BMX brother.
• Snap caps included.
• 130 or 143mm length.