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ODI Stay Strong Longneck Grips

Brand: ODI

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Brand: ODI

Designed by Stephen Murray himself, proceeds from these Stay Strong Single Ply grips help support Stephen and his family on the road to recovery after his accident in 2007. New colours for 2020.

• ODI is proud to offer this custom branded grip which features a soft compound with a low-profile ribbed pattern. Subtle logos and lions grace the surfaces - the lion is used as Stephen has them adorning his "Stay Strong" Tattoo.
• As an added bonus the packaging is made from quality stickers so you can show your support.
• Soft compound ribbed design for a great feel from the first ride.
• Designed by Stephen Murray with prominent Stay Strong logo.
• Open ended with 2-colour ODI end plugs included.
• Stickers included in packaging.
• Full flange and 143mm long. Weight: 92g a pair.