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Odyssey 1999 Complete Caliper Brake Kit

Brand: Odyssey

Code: B-238-BK

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Code: B-238-SV

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Brand: Odyssey


The Odyssey 1999 brake kit is a lightweight alloy brake kit perfect for those rebuilding that Old or Mid School BMX needing a caliper brake. This kit includes a brake cable, universal brake caliper, front and rear pivot bolts, alloy brake lever and all necessary hardware. Lever is right hand side but can be flipped over to run on the left. We also sell original new-old-stock vintage Odyssey Sidewinder brake levers. 

•  Side pull style brake

•  Works with front or Rear - short and long spindle kits indluded. 

•  Includes brake, lever, and cable.

•  Centre of Spindle to Bottom of Brake arm slot is 91mm

•  Cable outer length: 153cm


•  Available in Black or Silver.

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