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Odyssey Adjustable Quik Slic Cable

Brand: Odyssey

Code: ODYCA005BK000

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Brand: Odyssey


As the name implies, this new version can be easily adjusted to cover 3 different lengths by utilizing the cable’s unique straddle interface connection. This tool-free feature allows the Adjustable Quik Slic Kable® to be a one-size-fits-all cable for virtually every braking configuration.



• Adjustable hanger slot allows upper cable to rotate for optimum alignment.

• The integrated hanger and straddle cable creates direct routing to brake arms with no bends or twists to reduce flex.

• Linear K-Shield™ mesh housing offers higher compression rate and lighter weight than standard steel mesh. All Odyssey Linear cables are offered with the K-Shield™ housing.

• Specially designed and machined Volcano ferrules prevent premature housing blowout.

• Velcro strap included