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Odyssey Calibur V2 Cranks

Brand: Odyssey

Code: C-621-RBK

Code: C-622-RBK

Code: C-623-RBK

Code: C-624-RBK

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Brand: Odyssey

One of Odyssey's strongest set of cranks are back! Utilising a hollow chromoly 22mm spindle to save weight, and 4130 Chromoly Arms for strength you will be ready to shred in no time at all! Available in 4 sizes- 160, 165, 170 & 175mm so all bases are covered.
Inspired by the V1 introduced in March 2017, this new evolution of Odyssey's splined 3-pc crankset comes with an improvement in strength and overall design.
Although they do not feature the 41-Thermal® Lifetime Warranty, the Calibur V2 are manufactured using the same standards, materials, and production quality used under the same roof as the Thunderbolt+ Cranks.

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