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Odyssey Clutch Pro Freecoaster Hub

Brand: Odyssey

Code: W-455R-BK

Code: W-456R-BK

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Brand: Odyssey

The evolution of Odyssey's proven Clutch freecoaster hub continues. The Clutch Pro comes built with an all-new bearing equipped drag mechanism for smooth backpedaling and fast crankflips.

Based on direct feedback from Odyssey team riders, the Clutch Pro also features all-new plastic guard designs. The drive side guard provides maximum coverage to the chain and spokes while eliminating the need to spread the frame’s dropouts during installation, which can be detrimental to the frame's integrity. On the hub’s non-drive side, the guard makes use of a new shape for improved spoke coverage and durability.

To adjust the hub’s slack, a new tool-free external button engages with an internally threaded adjuster, then simply rotating the wheel forward or backward increases or decreases the slack as needed. The Clutch Pro also comes with a grease port so the hub can be lubricated without disassembly.

Extensive range of spares available to keep your Clutch Pro freecoaster running sweet. 


▪ Ultra-smooth crankflip friendly drag mechanism
▪ Unique drive side plastic guard design eliminates dropout spreading
▪ Redesigned non-drive side plastic guard
▪ Tool-free slack adjustment
▪ Grease port simplifies lubrication
▪ Proven, ultra-durable bearing arrangement
▪ US Patent 9,469,157


Driver: 9T, RHD or LHD
Axle: 4140 chromoly with in-bound 14mm bolts
Spoke Configuration: 36-Hole
Colour: Black
Weight: TBA

Wheel Building Info:

Drive Side Effective Flange Diameter: 56mm
Non-Drive Side Effective Flange Diameter: 49mm
Drive Side Flange to Center: 28mm
Non-Drive Side Flange to Center: 29mm


Hub Shell Non-Drive: 6003 Sealed
Hub Shell Drive Side: 7905A Sealed
Driver: K 20x24x13 Precision Caged Needle Roller