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Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Brake Detangler

Brand: Odyssey

Code: B-326-BK

Code: B-326-BU

Code: B-326-RD

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Brand: Odyssey

If you are in the market for an affordable quality sealed Gyro with bearings, then the new Odyssey GTX-S Gyro® is for you. Cables available separately.  

The GTX-S consists of:

• Sealed ball bearing mechanism

• Lower 17mm stack height

• 6061-T6 aluminum

• Fully recessed cable seats

• Black or purple anodised

• 42g.


By offering a stripped-down bearing unit body and using 6061 Aluminium (versus 7075 like GTX-R), we are able to offer you a more affordable sealed Gyro®.