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Odyssey Litehouse Rim

Brand: Odyssey

Code: W-200-BK

Code: W-200-ARED

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Brand: Odyssey

The Odyssey Litehouse Rim is both light and strong, with super-thick angled sidewalls to minimise the risk of damage when you hang up. The rim features a wider cross-section than normal to compliment modern tire widths. Designed as a semi-brakeless rim that can be run front or rear. When brakes are used, be sure to adjust the pads so they avoid making contact with the tyre’s sidewall, as usual. Available as a wheel build from us. 

Black or limited edition Anodised Red. 


•  Precision welded joint

•  6000 series aluminum


•  Width: 35mm

•  Height: 21mm

•  ERD: 388mm

•  36-H

•  475 grams (1lb)