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Odyssey M2 Gyro Brake Lever and Cable Black

Brand: Odyssey

Code: B-270-BK

Code: B-272-BK

Code: B-274-BK

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Brand: Odyssey

What's this all about then? Well if you're running a Gyro you probably have a 1 in 2 cable ie/ A single cable comes out of your levers, then then split into two for your Gyro. Anyhoo, this new M2 lever from Odyssey has a special adjuster that accepts a dual cable. M2 refers to the second incarnation of the Modulever - Odyssey's original but bulky dual cable lever, this new lever is nice and slim like the Monolever (now our best selling lever).

• Two lever shapes like the Monolever (Small, Medium).
• Front clamping with slim bracket.
• Patented dual cable design.
• M2 dual cable included (can also be used with a single cable).
• Right hand only - but can be flipped over and run on the left.