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Odyssey Springfield Brake Lever Black

Brand: Odyssey

Code: B-257-BK

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Brand: Odyssey

The new low-price Odyssey Springfield brake lever, right side only but can be flipped over to run on the left. In black with a medium sized brake lever. 

• Hinged clamp.

• Medium size blade for one or two finger braking.

• 94g.

• Also available in Polished. 


Here is an interesting piece about the Springfield brakes from Vital BMX from George (G-Sport) French:


I see two types of brakeless rider:


1. Riders who dont want a brake. 

2. Riders who would quite like a brake but cant afford it, or cant set it up. 


The new brake parts (caliper, lever, pads and Quik Slic cable) address this second group's needs. 


For the Sunday completes we wanted a simple brake that was easy to set up, worked well, and was engineered down to a price so that we could spec it on bikes that would otherwise end up with a piece of shit generic thing like everyone else uses. 


The brake is precision Die-Cast because this is cheap (in production, the tooling definitely isn't), but since the primary design constraint for a brake calliper is STIFFNESS rather than ultimate tensile strength and there is virtually zero difference in stiffness between a forged or die-cast material, it really doesn't make any difference. In fact, because the die-casting process allows us to have finer detail (at virtually zero cost) there are actually many advantages to it. 

We have a lot of experience in Die-Casting and if you look at how well our die-cast pedals hold up it is pretty obvious that we know how to make it work.. If our die-cast pedals can take huge direct impacts and the full weight of the rider for years on end, then a brake that is tucked away inside the frame and pretty well protected is a much easier challenge. 


I am very happy with this brake and will be taking our high end Evo2 brakes off the back of both my bikes to replace with these. (unfortunately it doesnt work as a front brake).