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Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals

Brand: Odyssey

Code: P-107-BK

Code: P-190-CLEAR

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Code: P-107-MPUR

Code: P-107-ORG

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Code: P-107-PUR

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Code: P-107-WHT

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Brand: Odyssey

Launched back in the 80's, the original Odyssey Twisted PC pedals were rediscovered by a new generation of riders in the 2000's and they are still going strong today in their original form and in limited edition colours.

PLEASE NOTE: As with previous PC pedals, think on though at the end of the day these ARE made of plastic and they are cheap so if you smash up alloy pedals then it stands to reason that these might not last as long ;)


It's awesome when a product that you don't pay any attention to, happens to blow up out of nowhere, leaving us stunned (and with not enough product). Such is the case with our Twisted PC pedals. A few street riders happened to run them due to their low cost, low weight and (relatively) high durability and it trickled down from there into a phenomenon. The PC's that are shipping out will feature an updated improved spindle over the previous versions, as well.

• 9/16 thread for all 3 piece cranks.

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