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Oxford Old School Chain Tug Tensioner Silver 10mm Pair

Brand: Oxford

Code: CHTUG38B

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Brand: Oxford

Oxford Retro Chain Tug Tensioner Silver 10mm

Perfect for that early 80s and late 70s builds like your Raleigh Burners etc

Sold as a pair

Suited to 3/8" (10mm) axles

Perfect for your Old School BMX: Torker Robinson GT Haro Skyway JMC SE Patterson Hutch CW Diamond Back Raleigh Burner Tioga Ammaco Dyno Auburn GHP Kuwahara MCS Jag Elf Panda CYC Race Inc GJS Redline Cook Bros Webco DG Tange Powerlite MRD Curtis VDC Vincent Mongoose Patterson Pro Neck Huffy Schwinn Etc