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Oxford Shackle 12 U-Lock

Brand: Oxford

Code: LK330

Code: LK331

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Brand: Oxford

The Oxford Shackle 12 U-lock (also called a D-lock) is a tough security solution for those on a budget. Made from tough hardened steel the Oxford Shackle D-lock protects against sawing and cutting style attacks. Oxford’s Anti-pick key design adds an extra layer of security.


  • Made from tough hardened steel
  • Anti-pick Oxford key design
  • Key replacement service available
  • High tech pick-resistant locking system.
  • Medium =  245mm x 190mm
  • Large = 310mm x 190mm

The Shackle 12 has a key replacement service. When you buy your Barrier, simply note down the number which comes attached to the keys on a metal tag. Keep this in a safe place, then in the event that you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys, it will be possible to get a new key made up for you.