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Oxford Ultratorch City Light Set

Brand: Oxford

Code: XLD768

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Brand: Oxford

Quality lightset from Oxford! 200 Lumen front light, runtime up to 140 hours on low settings. These bad boys are USB rechargeable but can also take batteries if you're in a pinch.

Key Features (Ultratorch CL 200)
• Max output 200lm
• Run-time 3-140hrs
• LCD runtime indicator
• 270-degree visibility
• USB rechargeable 3.7V/2000mAh lithium battery
• Waterproof IPX4

Key Features (Ultratorch Cube R25)
• Max Output 50Lm
• Runtime 3.5-8hrs
• 36 diode COB LED
• Low battery indicator
• USB rechargeable 3.7v 300mAh Li-Pol battery
• Waterproof IPX4

Modes & Runtime (Ultratorch Cube R25)
100% Constant: 3.5hrs
50% Constant: 4.5hrs
Flash: 4.5hrs
Pulse: 4hrs
Day Flash: 8hrs

What's Included
• Ultratorch CL 200
• Ultratorch Cube R25
• Universal handlebar strap
• Tool-free seat-post strap
• Micro-USB cable