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Panaracer Dart and Smoke Classic Folding Amber Wall 26 Inch Tyres Pair

Brand: Panaracer


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Brand: Panaracer

Classic skinwall mountain bike tyres, this was the hot set up from the late 80's well into the 90's. Same pattern and looks as the original but now in lighter kevlar bead folding versions. Sold here as pair Dart/Front, Smoke/Rear. 

The original front and rear classic mountain bike tyres. Put the Smoke on your rear wheel and feel the 3D knobs dig in going up or down for legendary grip. Put the Dart up front and experience great steering at top speeds. The gold standard of MTB tyre design.

• The original rear and rear classic tyre
• Size: 26 x 2.10
• Bead: Folding
• Weight: 620g each
• Colour: Black/Amber 

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