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Primo Remix V3 Cassette Hub Black

Brand: Primo

Code: HUPR027-BK3-009T

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Code: HUPR026-BK3-009T

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Brand: Primo

The hub of choice for the majority of our cassette-riding customers: Primo's new third generation Remix Cassette, encased in a 6061-T6 alloy shell, featuring; Chromoly bolts, driver bushing, offset flange diameters and both drive side and non-drive side hub guards are included. Comes in Right or Left have drive specific.


0.460kg/ 1lbs (hub only)
0.520kg/ 1lbs 2oz (including guards)


    6061-T6 Alloy shell
    Chromoly 14mm female bolts
    17mm hex head or 8mm Allen broach
    Bushed 9 tooth driver
    6 pawl driver with 3 engagement teeth per pawl
    6902RS precision sealed bearings