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Profile Racing Mini Hub 10mm Front Axle Kit

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PROAX002SL10

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Brand: Profile Racing


This is a conversion kit for riders who previously had a Profile Mini hub with a 14mm axle who now want the lightness of our aluminum center axle with 3/8" (10mm) allen headed bolts. The rear axle is also compatible with Profile High Flange Rear Cassette hubs. The front High Flange hub is NOT compatible with the Mini front axle.


Rear Axle Weights:

• 14mm solid CrMo axle with locknuts and axle nuts: 10.2 oz

• Aluminum center axle with 3/8 steel bolts: 4.4 oz

• Aluminum center axle with 3/8 Ti bolts: 3.8 oz


Each kit contains: 

• 2 bolts.

• 2 volcano bolt head covers.

• 2 CrMo washers

• 2 cone spacers.

• 1 aluminum center axle.