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Profile Racing Cro-mo Mini Cassette Hub Driver

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PRODR003CR000

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Brand: Profile Racing

• Manufactured at Profile Racing's U.S.A. plant using chromoly. These CNC machined cassette drivers fit Profile Racing Mini and Totem cassette hubs and accept Profile Racing cogs sizes 12T to 18T.

• 4130 cro-mo. 

• Pawls & springs not included. (sold only as a set - 4 springs and 4 pawls). Note: if you are switching from a Profile Racing 9-10-11T cog/driver you will not need the springs & pawls. You will be able to transfer them from one driver to the other.

• It is important to also replace your chain whenever you install a new driver or cog. A worn, stretched chain will cause your driver or cog to wear out much faster.