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Profile Volcano Female Axle Bolts 10mm

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PROBO002BK010

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Brand: Profile Racing


• Chrome-Moly 3/8" (10mm) axle bolts for Profile Elite, Mini, Totem, MicroMini, and True 3/8" Fixed hubs. These bolts are also compatible with Madera 3/8" hubs. They include the aluminum Volcano bolt covers and a steel washer. They weigh 2.3oz (66g) per pair. 3/8x16 threads.

• You can run these with pegs on a front hub, however they are just as susceptible to bending or breaking as any 3/8" axle. There are people out there who run pegs on their rear wheels with Profile 3/8" axles, however we do not recommend this practice.


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