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Profile Racing Elite 14mm Male Cassette Hub LHD

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PROHB012BK009

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Code: PROHB012HP009

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Brand: Profile Racing

• After many requests, Profile Racing have finally designed and created both a 14mm RHD and LHD version of the Elite hub.

• Same Elite hub shell, same Elite driver, with the added ability to ride pegs. Thanks for the support and love!


Here’s the complete breakdown on availability.

• 14mm Rear GDH chromo Elite axles (sold separately): This axle kit (like the Mini/Totem/Madera) will come with cones and jam nuts to adapt existing Elite hubs from 3/8 to 14mm.

• RHD Elite hubs (considering its the same shell for 3/8) will be available in:
• Colours: Black, Polished, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, White, and Aqua.

• RHD can use existing 9 and 10t drivers.


LHD Elite hubs:
• Black or Polished only (for now)
• 9t chromo drivers only