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Profile Racing Mini Rear 14mm Lock Nut Set

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PROHB014BK014

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Brand: Profile Racing


• Replacement heat treated CrMo locknuts for Profile Mini 14mm axles. There are two styles, for old or new hubs.

• To determine which you'll need, look at the cones on your existing hub. On the drive side of an old hub, you'll have a Chrome-Moly spacer between the locknut and the driver, where on the new style, the locknut and spacer are one piece. If your hub is more than 4 years old, you'll probably be needing the old style, which is two identical locknuts. 

1 x Drive side lock nut (cone) 1 x Non-drive side lock nut (cone) 1 x Non-Driveside washer silver

Also fits Madera.