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Profile Racing Retro Crank Spider 23.8mm Silver

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PROSP036SV238

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Brand: Profile Racing

Specially made by Profile Racing for Alans BMX with 23.8mm bore so this fits all one piece cranks as come stock on 1980's Raleigh Burner, Diamond Back Silver Streak, Mongoose etc.. Can also work with 19 or 22mm spindles with adaptor. 


•  Profile Racing ’s Old-Style BMX Spider is now available again.

  Exactly the same as supplied with the Profile Racing Vintage Box cranks. 

•  Made in the USA from 6061 aluminium.

•  5 arm 110 BCD bolt pattern. So fit all old 110BCD 5 arm rings: Sugino, SunTour, SR and the new Mirage chainrings. 

•  Clear anodised finish.

  Made specially for Alans BMX with 23.8mm centre bore. 

  PLEASE NOTE Will fit 19mm (Redline Flight, Mirage, Haro Group 1 etc) or 22mm (GT Power Series) spindle three piece cranks with adaptor, usually available from us, see below.

  Fits all one piece cranks (without the adaptor). 


This is a one piece crank in case you are not sure what we mean (yes we sell these):