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Profile Racing Retro Crank Spider Silver

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: PROCR028SL110

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Brand: Profile Racing

Profile Racing's Old-Style BMX Spider is now available again. 5 arm 110BCD so fits old Sugino, SR & SunTour chainrings as well as our new Mirage chainrings. To fit three piece cranks with 19 or 22mm spindles. Made in USA from 6061 aluminium.

•  Profile's Old-Style BMX Spider is now available again for a limited time.
•  Made from 6061 aluminium.
•  5 arm 110 BCD bolt pattern.
•  Clear anodised finish.
•  Fits onto all 19mm (MIrage, Redline Flight) or 22mm (GT Power Series) spindle three piece cranks. Comes with an adaptor. DOES NOT FIT ONE PIECE CRANKS.

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