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Profile Racing Vintage Box Cranks

Brand: Profile

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Brand: Profile

PLEASE NOTE: There cranks are made by hand in Florida, USA using the same techniques and welding as the originals from the 1980’s. As they are made by hand, not by a machine, the welds on the side of the box section and possible other cosmetic "flaws" are never “100% perfect", it is how it is and how it was back in the day. They are not ground down and polished to make a perfect seam. Again being made by hand the welds can vary from crank to crank. None are perfectly straight like on a Taiwanese mass produced crank. If you want a completely smooth crank arms we suggest you get instead the Single Pinch Mirage cranks or Haro Lineage Group 1  - all of which we sell. Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call us on 01942 826598. Having read this we hope you understand we cannot accept any returns for these for any cosmetic "flaws".

We are stoked that Profile Racing have re-released the remanufactured original box style cranksets. The cranksets are made on Profile's original 1979 tooling. They are replicas of the originals, right down to the smallest details including decals, Bowman Bomalloy bolts and washers, aluminium spider, American BB with axle, spacer tube and improved chrome finish. These vintage box cranks are handmade in USA and as such do have small variations what some may consider flaws  in them, so if you are a perfectionist you may be better off with a crank made Taiwan. We can supply these with a Euro (threaded) BB instead, just let us know in COMMENTS at checkout.