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Props BMX Blu-ray Box Set

Brand: Props

Code: DVPR12

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Brand: Props


All Video Magazine Issues 1 - 78 (1994-2011), all 20 Year End Best Of’s & all Credits Compilations.

All Special Releases - including Groundwork, Euroscene, Passports, Metrojam & Owned.

Over 100 bonus sections aggregated from Issues & Special Releases. All original commercials included in every Issue.

Bonus videos from Props’ founders - including "A Few Good Men" and "Baco 5". Beautiful 1080p motion menus featuring high res photo loops.

Chapter select pop-up menus for every video in the box set.

All videos sourced from 1st-gen analog and/or digital masters.

Nearly 120 hours of high quality H.264-encoded content.

Dolby Digital Professional audio.

Mid-school bible with over 20 years of BMX history, progression & Props-style documentation.