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Prototape Protection Kit Clear Regular

Brand: Prototape

Code: PTT00100000

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Brand: Prototape

Prototape Protection Kit Clear Regular

CLEAR LOGO, regular size, ProtoTape protects your bike frame from scratches and cable rubbing. Designed in Italy, hand Crafted in England! Easy to install, self adhesive vinyl with a quality that will last longer than your bike. It will be the skin of your bike!

Design your bike with ProtoTape.


Protects the critical parts of your bike.
Easy to install,
Will last longer than your bike.
Designed for universal fitting.
CLEAR version is perfect for protecting new frames or for protection without visual impact.
This regular size is ideal for XC, Marathon and Trail bikes.


- 500 microns PVC.

- Unique UV Texture, triple layers for more protection.

- Cool look&feel texture.

- The kit has been designed for easy installation.

- High quality material, it does not degradeor yellow over time.

- 15 parts for a universal protection system: 1 part for the down tube; 6 arrow parts for extending the down tube; 1 arrow to protect the horizontal tube from the trigger/suspension command : 2 circles for cable wear protection, 4 elliptical shape and 1 round logo.