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Pryme by Redline Square Knot Grips

Brand: Redline

Code: SK8GR002OG000

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Brand: Redline

Brand new genuine Pryme (by Redline) Square Knot grips 22.2mm internal diameter and 143mm long.

Soft and grippy compound.

Includes black push-in plug ends. 

We bought up an end of season line of these so we are able to offer this great price.

Redline started back in 1970 with a couple of guys making motocross frames. In 1974 it is said that they created the first tubular BMX forks and they also started making BMX frames in this year; the rest is history. One of the finest BMX brands over the years, true pioneers and legendary team riders including RL Osborn and Greg Hill.

Toby uses these on his bike.