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Radio Revo Pro 20" TT Bike Black

Brand: Radio

Code: A100005843

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Brand: Radio

All our BMX Bikes are sent flatpacked and require assembly by a qualified cycle mechanic for the warranty to be valid, you can select our Ready2Ride shipping method and we will build the bike and sent it via courier with your warranty all valid, you just need to turn the bars and attatch the pedals. If you wish to collect your bike from our retail store it will come fully built and ready to ride free of charge.

The Radio Revo 20" is a great entry level bike and the Revo Pro takes that and adds a tubular three piece crank into the mix making this starter bike even more skatepark ready. 

The REVO line allows you to get your first taste of the BMX world on a solid and well-designed bike. We took extra care when hand selecting the components on these bikes to ensure that the bike could be ridden straight out of the box, simple to work on and maintain, but also easily upgradable over time. Despite the low price-point, the REVO is packed full of great features like 25-9 gearing, tapered fork legs, and short/responsive pro-inspired geometry.

The three piece crank upgrade is not just more durable it also gives you a wider choice of aftermarket pedals. 

RADIO “REVO 20” frame, full 1020 hi-ten RADIO “AM 20” fork, 1020 hi-ten, crmo steerer RADIO “REVO 20” bar, hi-ten
RADIO “AM” grips, flangeless, 150mm
SALT “AM” topload stem, 50mm reach
FSA A-headset, loose ball |
RADIO “AM” brake lever, alloy
RADIO “AM” u-brake, alloy, rear
RADIO “ROOKIE” 1pc crank, forged, crmo, 170mm
RADIO “US” bb set, loose ball
RADIO “ROOKIE” pedals, nylon
KMC “S1” chain
RADIO “ROOKIE” sprocket, steel, 25t
cassette driver, 9t
RADIO “ROOKIE” hub, steel, lb, 3/8”s, 36h
RADIO “ROOKIE” cassette hub, steel, lb, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h SALT “AM” rim, straight single wall, 36h
SALT “AM” rim, straight single wall, 36h
RADIO “CENTURY” combo seat, slim padded
RADIO seat clamp, slim, alloy
RADIO “ROOKIE” tires, 20”x2.2”, front & rear
12.35kg / 27.20lbs