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Radio Race Oxygen Folding Tubeless Tyre Black

Brand: Radio


Call us on 01942 826 598 for availability or an alternative!


Call us on 01942 826 598 for availability or an alternative!


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Brand: Radio

Not satisfied with the available options on the market, Radio have invested over two years of research and development into creating the “ultimate” race tyre. This is the Tubeless version of the all-new Oxygen tyre and it uses a proprietary race compound rubber for unrivalled grip and traction, and the high-pressure casing creates an incredibly lightweight and durable tyre carcass, making the oxygen tyre ride and perform unlike anything else.

The tread profile has a unique multi-texture knurling which was carefully designed to allow for an incredibly fast centre line but a very grippy outer to reduce rolling resistance but allow for maximum grip on berms and corners. Available in x3 sizes, x3 colours, there’s no denying the Oxygen really is a game changer!

Also available in non-tubeless version. 

MATERIAL high quality racing rubber compound
CONSTRUCTION 60 TPI casing, folding bead, tubeless ready
INFLATED WIDTH 1.6” (39.5mm), 1.75” (43.5mm), 1.95”(47.5mm)
INFLATED DIAMETER 1.6” (488mm), 1.75” (498mm), 1.95” (508mm)

• 20"
• High pressure rated (100psi)
• Lightweight, high-performance race tire
• Compatible with tubeless-ready rims
• Smooth central area for speed, unique outer tread to increase traction and grip on all surfaces
• Micro knurling for advanced grip performance

1.6” – 400g/14oz
1.75” – 460g/16.1oz
1.95” – 500g/17.6oz