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Raleigh Tuff Burner Skyway Tuff II Wheel Yellow

Brand: Raleigh

Code: WRGH190

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Code: WRGR186

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Brand: Raleigh

Genuine Raleigh by Skyway Tuff Wheel- as fitted to the sold-out 2023 model Raleigh Tuff Burner. 

These Raleigh wheels include relfector holes - the Skyway's that normally sell do not. 

Available individually Front ot Rear. 

There simply  is no more iconic 1980’s BMX product than Skyway Tuff Wheels. Skyway's original Tuff Wheel: Fast, smooth, and reliable; these Tuffs exceed the performance you have come to expect of genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels. Please see our other listings for other options: 9T, 24”, coaster brake, alloy flange versions, etc.  

Freewheel not included, if you order one we will add grease and fit it for you.   

•  The Original 20” Tuff II 5 spoke Mags.

•  Fits all Standard 20 x 1.75 or Wider Tyres. If you order tyres & tubes from us at the same time we will fit them to the wheels for you.

•  Threaded Freewheel Style - works with any 16T Tooth screw-on Freewheel or Larger. If you order a freewheel from we will fit it to the wheels for you. 

•  Nylon Construction.

•  Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs.

•  3/8" (10 mm) Axles. Optional shorter front axle available separately. 

•  Plated axle nuts and washers included but not shown. 

•  Weight with Nuts and Washers: Rear 1305g, Front 1195g.

•  Rim Width: 36mm.

•  Fits on any 10mm dropout BMX Frame (14mm requires an adapter, available from us).

•  Manufactured in U.S.A.

•  If you have a modern bike with a small 25T front sprocket then you need the 9T Tuff Wheels that we sell instead. 


•  Avoid black marks on your rims remember to order Kool Stop Pads from us for these wheels.

•  PLEASE NOTE As these wheels are composite that won’t be as perfectly true as a conventional alloy rim.

 PLEASE NOTE - The grey sklyways may be slightly different shades of grey (Only 2 thankfully) between the front and rear mag wheels. This is due to the manufacturing process and there is nothing we can do to rectify this issue.


•  PLEASE NOTE: While we do check these before despatch you may need to wipe off any minor cosmetic marks when you receive and fit them, especially with the white ones

•  As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01942 826598. Thanks. 

•  Over the years we have built hundreds of bikes with these wheels.

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