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Rant Rear Brake Kit Black

Brand: Rant

Code: BRRA005-BK1-0000

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Brand: Rant

The Rant Rear Brake Kit has everything you need to get to stoppin’, this all in one great value set makes for an easy purchase and has all hardware* for installation. Includes the Rant Spring Brake II Caliper U-brake for extra wide clearance, the Spring Brake Lever has awesome reach and easy to install hinged clamp, and the Rant Spring Brake Linear Cable is the best for flex free, solid pull.

  • Kit Includes:
  • Rant Spring Brake II (right side but can be flipped over run on the left)
  • Rant Spring Brake Lever
  • Rant Spring Brake Cable
  • Weight:11.4 oz
  • Frame brake mounts NOT included but we sell all the different types*

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