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Redline Flight Cranks Chrome

Brand: Redline

Code: REDCR175

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Brand: Redline

Hallelujah! Old school BMX builders can rejoice, the Redline Flight cranks are finally available again to complete your retro build. Iconic Redline Flight tubular chromoly cranks are finished to perfection.

Redline Flight cranks changed the face of BMX when they were released back in 1980. Before these we had to rely on weak alloy three piece cranks that were basically road bike cranks - or one piece cranks - both of which would bend every time you went off a jump!

These are the very latest incarnation of the Flight Crank with double pinch bolt and 6 spline spindle. 

100% heat-treated tubular Chromoly, dual pinch bolts, wrapped and welded at the pedal bosses.

Set includes 19mm x 6-spline heat-treated Chromoly spindle, spindle bolts, and sprocket bolt.

BB set sold separately - or as a kit from us. 

Weight: 625 grams (Arms only)

Also available with bottom bracket.