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Renthal Moto Bars

Brand: Renthal




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Brand: Renthal

The Renthal Moto bar, make in the UK, used by top Pro BMX racers the world over and our Alans BMX Race Team, it's comes in three sizes: 5.6" (cruiser) and 7.5" and 8.3" for Expert and Pro bikes. 

• Aluminium Lightweight BMX race bars

• Used by many Pro's including British Cycling 

• Supporting cross brace.

• Our Team rider Jenny Noble tested prototypes of these as far back as 2010 and they are still going strong!

  Aluminium Lightweight BMX race bars with supporting X brace.

  Borrowing technology from our championship winning motocross handlebars, we have designed and developed this BMX racing handlebar to offer the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability.

  Our Moto BMX handlebars feature a unique, all aluminium, modular construction. Using aluminium tubing with our patented, bolt-on (rather than welded) cross brace we are able to retain a full strength handlebar with a hugely significant weight saving over welded steel bars.

  In the super competitive world of BMX racing, every gram and every millisecond counts. So grab the Renthal Moto and the advantage over the competition.


Moto20 7.5 inch

Rise : 190mm

Sweep : 42mm

Width : 714mm


Moto20 XL 8.3 inch

Rise : 212mm

Sweep : 44mm

Width : 740mm


Moto24 5.6 inch

Rise : 142mm

Sweep : 39mm

Width : 700mm

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