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S&M Bikes Mainline 22 Inch Tyre Black

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: TYSM05BK210

Code: TYSM05BK242

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Brand: S&M Bikes

Hurrah! The S&M Mainline trail tyre is now available in 22" size in either 2.1" width with a micro-knurled surface or a knobblier 2.4" version for use as a front tyre. 

Available in wire bead only with a mid weight, high pressure casing.

The 2.1" has a micro knurled surface on a directional tread designed to go on the rear. It features a center tread with a V-notched edge for accelerating and a flat edge for braking.

The 2.4" front size is a nod to the old 2.125 Comp III we grew up riding in the front.

Additional angular raised sections on three rows of knobs help keep the larger Mainline in front!