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S&M Bikes 20 Inch Pitchfork Forks

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: FOSM01BK

Code: FOSM01CP

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Brand: S&M Bikes

The fork that changed the fork game forever. Classic straight legged S&M PITCHFORKS. Tried and true design, American quality! Black or Chrome. 

About Ordering:
Stock in store and at the UK warehouse is displayed. If there is no stock at either please contact us and we will get you an estimate. If the frame is in stock in California it shouldn't take long are we get air freight shipments every few week. If they don't have it there we will find out when a production run is planned next and make sure you’re on the list. 


Legs - Double Butted, 4130 CrMo.

Dropouts - Laser Cut 10mm Slot.

Steerer tube - 1 Piece CNC-Machined 4130 CrMo, Extruded 6061 Steerer Tube Insert.

Steerer tube length - 166mm.

Compression - M10 X 1.25 Thread - 6mm Allen Slot.

Axel to crown height - 315.5mm.

Offset - 33mm.

Weight - 2.17 lb (.98 kg).

Heat Treat - 4Q Baked Post-Weld.