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S&M Bikes Enduro V2 Stem Blue Groove

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: STSM16BL

Code: STSM17BL

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Brand: S&M Bikes

The S&M ENDURO V.2 is a strong, clean-looking top load stem with 34mm rise and a fork top cap counter bore. Features include a thick single cap and less external machining than its predecessor. Internal machining to keep the weight down and two engraved Sharpie Shield logos round out the new, taller version of this popular dirt and street stem.
Made in USA. 
Super high polished. 
•  Rise: 34mm (upright), 0mm (inverted)
•  Reach: 49mm, 52mm
•  Weight:
(40mm) 11.7 oz.
(49mm) 12.9 oz.
(52mm) 13.4 oz.