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S&M Bikes Intrikat Bars

Brand: S&M Bikes

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Brand: S&M Bikes

Flatland riders have specific equipment needs and S&M addressed these with the Intrikat bar. With input from S&M’s longtime flatland rider Chad Johnston, these bars feature just the right amount of back sweep, upsweep and crossbar drop for precision flatland maneuvers in any direction. No funk, just function. 100% chromoly construction. Made in USA.

8.5” Rise = 27” Width

9” Rise = 27” Width

9.5 Rise = 28” Width

10.0” Rise: 28.5’ Width

Up Sweep: 3°

Back Sweep: 6°

Cross Bar: .625"

Weight: 1.85 lb (.84 kg)

Material: 4130 CrMo 4Q Baked Post-Weld Heat Treated

Made in USA