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S&M Bikes Nutter Sig M.O.D Frame Clover

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: FRSM28GN210

Code: FRSM28GN212

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Brand: S&M Bikes

Full-speed and full-boost the M.O.D. frame is steady willing and able. James P. Nutters signature frame is an all-terrain favorite with serious trails tendencies. Low-slung slightly longer in the back end and as stable in the air as it is on the landings. 100% chromoly construction. Made in USA.

  • Top Tube Lengths - 20.75"21" 21.25"21.5"
  • Rear End Length - 13.6"
  • Head Tube Angle - 74.5°
  • Standover Height - 9"
  • B.B. Height - 11.61"
  • Seat Tube Angle - 71°
  • Head Tube - Integrated Campy Style
  • B.B. Style - Mid
  • Brake Mounts - Chainstay Thread-On (Sold Separately)
  • Dropouts - 14mm
  • Seat Post Size - 25.4mm
  • Weight - 4.78 Lbs. (21")