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Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix Soft SuperGravity 27.5" x 2.40" Folding MTB Tyre

Brand: Schwalbe


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Brand: Schwalbe

THE ULTIMATE GRAVITY TYRE. Indisputably the favorite among Schwalbe Downhill and Enduro athletes. Perfect all-round characteristics for almost all tracks and conditions. The sophisticated intermediate profile is combined with the best compounds and construction, pushing the limits to surprising levels.

  • Strong shoulder studs and aggressive, open tread design provide maximum braking traction and cornering grip even in extremely muddy terrain.
  • Equipped with V-Groves specially developed for Magic Mary, every stud can bite into the ground for even more grip.
  • Angled studs in the middle of the tread optimise the rolling characteristics.
  •  Size: ETRTO 62-584 (27.5x2.40 Inch)
  •  Type: Folding
  •  Compound: Addix Soft
  •  Version: Super Gravity
  •  Color: Black
  •  Seal: TLE (Tubeless Easy)
  •  Weight: 1205 g
  •  Pressure: Max. 3.5 Bar (Max. 50.0 psi)
  •  Maximum load: 115 kg
  •  EPI: 67
  •  E-Bike: E-50
  •  Profile: HS447
  •  Product number: 11600511.03
  •  EAN: 4026495878050