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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 26" Tyre Black

Brand: Schwalbe

Code: TYSEMP620

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Brand: Schwalbe

Virtually Puncture Proof*....

Unfazed by even a heap of broken glass.
The MARATHON PLUS certainly isn't a competition tyre, but it will master the challenges of everyday cycling life.

Puncture Protection: The Smartguard anti-puncture belt is made from a flexible, special rubber that offers particular resistance to thorns and shards.
Even a typical drawing pin cannot penetrate this protective layer.

Easy rolling
The Smartguard belt does not increase rolling resistance. The MARATHON PLUS rolls as easily as a tyre without protection

*Note: Virtually Puncture Proof;
Like everything else in the world, this tyre can also be destroyed, but it provides the very best defence against everyday tyre wreckers like glass, flints or metal shards.