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Shadow Conspiracy Feather Weight In-Mold Helmet Matt Black

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: PASH015-BK2-S/M

Code: PASH015-BK2-L/X

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow Conspiracy already make a great helmet but they have gone one further with this new In-Mold Helmet - the latest edition to Shadow's Riding Gear range and is the outcome of their most technical project to date, resulting in the ultimate light weight BMX helmet available.

Using In-Mold technology to make a custom shape and fit, also utilising a thin outer shell which covers and protects the high density EPS foam. This tech insures a low-profile fit with a high strength-to-weight ratio, wanting to replicate the styling and fit of skate helmets but with high-end materials and design that will save your brain when it counts. Both stylish and lightweight, the FeatherWeight features Crow rivets and 10 flow-vents keep you cool.

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