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Shadow Conspiracy Guard Sabotage Sprocket Black 28T

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: SPSH013-BK1-28T

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

The new Shadow BMX Sabotage Sprocket is a 28 tooth thick alloy sprocket with a moulded plastic guard to be able to take plenty of abuse from street riding without damaging your chain. The plastic guard comes bolted to the sprocket using four alloy 5mm bolts and can be easily replaced.

With most companies making all in one alloy guard sprockets this is an exciting new approach. Although this has been seen many years ago with the Havok Pocket Sprocket this is the first time this idea has been revisited for the modern BMX market.

The sprocket has two holes for your crank bolt so the whole sprocket and guard can easily be rotated after excessive wear. The guard can also be removed and rotated to one of four positions to extend its lifespan. The plastic guard is also available separately and can easily be fitted with the use of a 5mm allen key.

The Sabotage Sprocket and guard are designed to give plenty of clearance for both the Shadow Interlock and Interlock Supreme chains but can also be used with all other BMX chains. The sprocket will fit 24mm (15/16â€Â) crank spindles and comes with adaptors for 19 and 22mm spindles so it will fit any common BMX cranks.

The moulded guard comes with The Shadow Conspiracy logo embossed into the outer section while the sprocket itself has both the Shadow Crow and Shadow Coffin logos printed on to create a great looking sprocket and guard.

Material: Aluminum 6061-T6 5mm thick

Size: 28T only

Weight: 5.3 oz