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Shadow Conspiracy Invisa-Lite Knee Pads

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: PASH007-BK1-XLA

Code: PASH007-BK1-SMA

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Code: PASH007-BK1-LAR

Code: PASH007-BK1-MED

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

The Shadow Invisa-Lite Knee pads feature the highest quality 3D multi-density foams. With intricately designed pad placement, our knee, shin, and elbow pads are comfortable while still providing the protection you need to help take that next step in riding progression.

Extend the ride, that’s what Shadow Riding Gear is all about.

With that thought in mind, we are proud to introduce to you our brand new Invisa-Lite pad line.

Pads so slim and minimal you may forget you’re wearing them!

Our Invisa-Lite line uses a compression fit, bonded silicone ring to insure that the pads will stay in place for the whole session without adjustment. The super lightweight Lycra keeps you cool and wicks away moisture while also making it extremely easy to remove your gear after a long ride. Perfect for the rider that wouldn’t normally wear pads, the Invisa-Lite line allows you to keep comfortable but be protected so that you can stay healthy and continue living the BMX lifestyle!


Shadow Invisa-Lite Riding Gear – Protection Without Restriction


• Extremely minimal and discreet exterior aesthetic

Breathable & Stretchable Lycra/Micromesh Construction

Strategically designed and tapered impact foam

Interior Anti-Slip Silicone band

Branded Woven Label

104 grams (Size Medium)