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Shadow Conspiracy Alloy Looseball Pedals

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: PESH007-BK1-9160

Code: PESH007-PO1-9160

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

The new Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones Signature Metal Pedals: Trey rocks alloy pedals, so Shadow wanted to take the tried and true Ravager Alloy Pedal and give it a modern slim body, reduce the weight and increase the overall performance. The main goal was to create a slim body but keep the concave shape. This helps keep your foot in place for the most radical maneuvers. We kept what worked – proven heat treated cro- mo axle, proprietary Shadow pins design and of course, signature micro knurling. What’s more metal, well then, metal?

  • Trey Jones signature
  • 6061 alloy body
  • 4140 heat treated broached spindle
  • 105mm length x 100mm wide
  • Includes extra set 7mm pins and pin wrench • Weight: 18.5 oz.
  • Colorus: black, raw polish
  • 9/16" thread for all 3 piece cranks
  • Also available in sealed version here