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Shadow Conspiracy Sano V2 Brake Detangler with Gyro Plate

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: BRSH003-BK1-000

Code: BRSH003-RA1-0000

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

The second version of the Shadow Conspiracy Sano sealed-bearing detangler is improved and it comes complete with an alloy gyro plate included.

In the neurotic obsession to continually better our products, we have updated the spec of the Sano Detanger for 2nd Period. When originally designing the Sano Detangler we slightly increased the width of the detangler to utilise our wider caged bearing design. Since this would optimally work with a slightly wider detangler plate, we have decided to include this plate with the Sano Detangler’s starting now at no additional price increase. This should make it much more simple for the consumer to use this amazing product. We have also updated the material of the C-Clip that holds the caged bearing in place from Alloy to Steel to further increase the durability. We will continue to refine our products and will always let you know when a change is made. FOR YOUR INFORMATION!
The Shadow Conspiracy

•  Lightweight, 100% CNC, 6061-T6

•  U.S.B. precision sealed mechanism bearing system

•  Built in knarp screws for maximum cable adjustment

•  Weight: 1.6 oz