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Shadow Conspiracy Surface Pedals

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: PESH006-BK1-916

Code: PESH006-BR3-916

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

The pedal is a key contact point between you and your bike, so the new Shadow Surface Pedal has performance and function in mind. We started with a wider and longer, slim platform. The wide 105mm x100mm platform is specifically shaped to be thin and stiff while still offering an overall concave shape. We added advanced micro knurling and 12 pins per side for a maximum grip that still allows foot adjustments mid-shred. Made with the same proven nylon composite material as the Ravager pedal, with a heat treated chromoly axle that includes a 6mm broach for ease of installation and high end looks.

- Injection moulded nylon composite body
- Heat treated 4140 chromoly broached spindle
- 105mm length x 100mm wide
- 3.5mm pin height 
- 12 pins per side
- Thickness: 18mm and 24mm at bearing cover
- Weight: 13.3 oz per pair

PLEASE NOTE: Nylon and PC pedals bodies ARE NOT guaranteed against breakage.