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Shadow Optimized Freecoaster Rear Wheel

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy


Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!


Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

When the next step in freecoaster design is combined with the future of aftermarket rim design the result is a wheel that can not be surpassed. Designed around modern day street riding, this combination of game changers will leave any rider confident that they made the right choice.


  • Shadow Truss Rim
  • Shadow Straight 14 gauge stainless steel spokes
  • Shadow Optimized Freecoaster Hub
  • Proprietary plastic non drive side hub guard
  • 3 cross spoke pattern
  • LHD or RHD
  • 36 Hole
  • Weight: 50.65 oz.

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