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Skooter Farm: All Our Blood Is Red Sticker - Proceeds to Black Lives Matter

Brand: Scooter Farm


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Brand: Scooter Farm

Our friend Dave has reissued the classic Skooter Farm sticker with ALL proceeds going to Black Lives Matter UK. 300 were printed so that’s £900 going to BLM.


Re-issued Skooter Farm sticker.

We founded SKOOTER FARM DIRT TRACK RACING back in 2005.  At that time, it was very difficult to get flat track- specific parts and myself and Capt Highside imported a bunch of cool stuff from the USA, to sell to the embryonic UK race scene.  We also decided to promote our ‘grass-roots’ team manifesto by producing a set of stickers.

I recall ‘STRONGER THAN DIRT’, ‘GO SIDEWAYS’ and ‘IF YA DON’T LIMP YOU AIN’T SHIT’ were pretty popular 15 years back...but one particular design has really stood the test of time and is now more relevant than ever, ‘ ALL OUR BLOOD IS RED - ALL OUR SHIT IS BROWN’.

Last week on ‘Blackout Tuesday’ I posted on social media about this old sticker with a strong message... and I got a few responses asking if they could still be bought (which wasn’t the case). I contacted Don Brider, the infamous skateboarder/screen-printer, with a sales enquiry and it turned out Don still had the original acetates in a box! 

He has done an amazingly fast turnaround and the stickers are now offered for sale. ALL profit is going to BLACK LIVES MATTER UK.

With recent events unfolding, it’s so sad to see how ingrained racism seems to be within the motorcycle world.

 At this time, it’s very difficult for white people to find ways to do anything practical  or tangible about their ‘white privilege’.

One thing we can all do is reflect upon that privilege and look inwards for acknowledgement and empathy.

To quote Martin Luther King  "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."