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Stay Strong x ODI Ruffian Mini Lock-On 110mm Grips

Brand: Stay Strong

Code: SG08613

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Brand: Stay Strong

The newest Stay Strong x  ODI colab are these new Ruffian Mini Lock-On grips, in 110mm width. 

Constructed of proprietary Soft Compound TPE material and featuring legendary Ruffian diamondized pattern, and an updated 110mm length, these grips provide exceptional feedback and control. The addition of the new v2.1 Single-Clamp Lock-On system makes installation a breeze and ensures that your grips stay put no matter what the conditions. They also have a new small flange that protects hands without interfering with handlebar controls


Classic Ruffian design provides optimal feedback and control

  • Version 2.1 lock on system ensures 100% slip free performance
  • Small flange protects hands without interfering with handlebar components
  • Soft TPE ends offer improved comfort at the end of the grip

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